Imagine a world where humans who walk the same streets as elves, dwarves, half-orcs, and gnomes are a common sight. It is a world where magic is real, where a powerful mage can toss balls of fire at their foes without batting an eyelid; where holy priests can heal terrible wounds in the blink of an eye, and a truly gifted bard can perform magic, simply with the right songs.

In this world you can be a mighty warrior, a stealthy rogue, a fearless barbarian, or perhaps even one of those rare individuals who wield magical power. Adventure comes in many forms, from the Machiavellian politics of the City Council; to hunting undead with a follower of Thanatos; to the erotic adventures of a Callistan Priestess. However you seek excitement, it can surely be found in the rowdy port city of Kethmar.

Kethmar is an IRC roleplaying channel that uses customized D&D 3.0 ed d20 rules for game mechanics. We support a number of roleplaying styles and beginners are more than welcome, so long as they sincerely wish to learn.

Some of Kethmar's highlights include:
  • A custom created database that tracks nearly every aspect of your character(s) so you can focus on roleplaying
  • A unique and richly detailed gameworld with over a dozen custom made nations.
  • Several quests a week so that you actually can adventure, not just talk about it.
  • A friendly staff of Ops with a dedication to running a fair, unbiased game.
  • A mature game that doesn't shy away from topics such as religious wars, murder, sex, and betrayal
  • Automated experience awards for casual roleplay, so that you can level up even if you don't wish to participate in quests
  • a game by adults for adults, where you can relax, secure in the knowledge that here are no children to offend if you wish to run a plotline that is unsuitable for minors or if you swear once in a while in the ooc channel.

Welcome to Kethmar, we hope you enjoy your stay.

If you are over the age of 18 and are ready to get started, we have a special intrduction page for you.

If you are a returning player, head on in and see what improvements we've made since your last visit.

~ The #Kethmar administration